Introducing InCareer: LinkedIn's new app to help professionals in China find jobs

December 13, 2021

Exactly two months ago, we announced that we were moving into a new chapter in China, sunsetting the local version of LinkedIn to strengthen our focus on jobs with a new app. Today, we are excited to take the first step in our new strategy for China with the launch of InCareer, a new jobs app designed to help Chinese mainland professionals find jobs and companies discover great talent in China. InCareer is available at and also for download on iOS and Android devices.

Today's launch of InCareer is just the beginning. Over the coming months we will build on this foundation, with feedback from our members and customers, to develop a world-class experience. InCareer enables Chinese Mainland-based professionals to find and apply for their next job opportunity, stay connected with their professional network and be discovered and messaged by recruiters. Chinese Mainland-based organisations will continue to have access to our Recruiter product experience to find, connect and hire great talent in China and around the world. LinkedIn Marketing Solutions will also be available for organisations in China that are seeking to reach and engage professionals outside the Chinese Mainland.  

How members will benefit from InCareer:

  • A simple and easy to use experience: InCareer brings the best of LinkedIn's popular jobs experience, and makes it even easier for members to find and apply for their next opportunity. Members can use Advanced Search to filter jobs by job title, location, company, industry, or seniority level. Based on members’ saved searches, jobs they’ve viewed, and their profiles, InCareer will surface new and relevant job opportunities.
  • Be discovered by potential employers: InCareer members can also be discovered and messaged by recruiters, meaning their dream job can find them. Recruiters around the world can search, view profiles and message members about roles based in China.
  • Stay connected: While InCareer will not include a social feed or the ability to share posts or articles, members can update their new look profiles and be discovered and messaged by recruiters, meaning their dream job can find them. Members can also use the messaging feature to stay in touch with their contacts to give and get help.

How business will benefit from InCareer:

  • Find and hire: Organizations can use our Recruiter product experience to find and engage with candidates on the Chinese Mainland and around the world, including those not actively looking for a role. 
  • Advanced search and message candidates: Recruiter users get up-to-date insights on 800+ million members based on the Chinese Mainland and across the globe, and can use advanced search filters and recommended matches to discover talent. They can also connect with potential candidates using personalized InMail or pre-made templates to further help their reach.
  • Sponsored content and Pages: Brands in China will have access to our advertising solutions, such as sponsored content, to target professional audiences outside the Chinese Mainland. LinkedIn Pages will also remain visible to members outside the Chinese Mainland, to help Chinese brands connect and engage with overseas members, grow their business, and build global connections.


The InCareer app is available at and also for download on iOS and Android. Visit the LinkedIn Help Centre to get to know InCareer, learn more about the product and key features, and how to search and apply for jobs.