How We’re Improving the Quality of Jobs on LinkedIn

June 24, 2021

At LinkedIn, we want to help people find their next job by making the experience easy, safe, and most of all, effective.

We know it can be frustrating if you click on a job post on LinkedIn and be taken to a partner job site only to find it’s now closed. Preventing these experiences--and raising the quality of every single job posting--is our top priority.

Here’s what we’re doing to make sure your job search on LinkedIn is of the highest quality:

1. New partner guidelines so you find fresh, active jobs with every click

We’re rolling out new Jobs Listings Guidelines to all third-party job sites that we source job listings from. What does this mean for you? When you click on a job post on LinkedIn, you should always see an active job listing, not multiple redirects to see a pop-up message like “this job listing is closed” or “this position has been filled.” 

We’re also reviewing sourced jobs every 24 hours and removing stale listings so you have a better chance of landing that next opportunity more quickly and efficiently.

2. Preventing fraudulent and discriminatory jobs 

To help ensure a safe and trusted job search experience, we actively work to find and remove jobs that are in violation of our Jobs Terms and Conditions. We do this through our proactive defenses that combine human reviewers, member reports, and machine learning. 

Our automated fake account defense systems are designed to prevent and promptly remove fake accounts created on the site. And it’s working! These systems successfully blocked or automatically removed almost 99% of the fake accounts since it launched. And we’ll continue to evaluate and enhance how to continue protecting you.

We’ve also carefully redesigned the way employers post a job on LinkedIn to deter imposters while keeping the process easy for legitimate job posters. For example, this includes providing tools for companies to require work email verification before posting to LinkedIn. This significantly reduces fraudulent jobs falsely affiliated to real, established companies.

3. Adding new ways to report posts that don’t feel right 

You can play an important role in keeping LinkedIn safe too, by reporting a job posting or company when something doesn’t seem right. If you find a job that’s stale or doesn’t seem to have the right information (for instance, the company doesn’t match the job description or the location is listed incorrectly), let us know and we’ll take it down if we find it doesn’t meet our standards. 

We are committed to bringing you the most relevant and fresh jobs while protecting you against fake and discriminatory content so that you have the best experience while job searching on LinkedIn. By working together, we can keep the community a safe, supportive, and valuable place where everyone can be successful.