LinkedIn’s 2021 Grad's Guide to Getting Hired

May 18, 2021

If you’re a new graduate starting your job search, there’s good news about the job market: we’re on the road to economic recovery from COVID-19 and the future looks bright. In fact, there are millions of open entry-level jobs in the U.S listed on LinkedIn right now. 

To help you take the next step toward one of those opportunities, we’re unveiling our 2021 LinkedIn Grad’s Guide to Getting Hired. The guide features workforce trends and insights, like which jobs, industries and skills are most in-demand right now to help set you up for success as you start your career journey.  

Where you’ll find in-demand entry-level jobs

Entry-level jobs in Software Engineering, Online Marketing and Wellness have been surging over the last year. Here are the top five and the skills needed to land them: 

1. Software Engineering Specialist

Top skills for this job: JavaScript, React.js, Node.js

2. Online Specialist

Top skills for this job: Social Media, Online Marketing, Customer Service

3. Sterilization Technician 

Top skills for this job: Sterilization, Healthcare, Decontamination 

4. Wellness Specialist

Top skills for this job: Wellness Coaching, Fitness, Public Speaking

5. Medical Technologist

Top skills for this job: Hematology, Laboratory Medicine, Medical Technology

If you’re looking for remote jobs, here are the ones in demand

In-demand remote entry-level opportunities lie in Customer Service, Business Development and Product Management as companies expand opportunities beyond their physical location. The skills required include: 

1. Customer Support Specialist 

Top skills for this job: Customer Support, Data Entry, Technical Support

2. Office Associate

Top skills for this job: Public Speaking, Event Planning, Community Outreach

3. Business Development Representative

Top skills for this job:, Cold Calling, Business Development

4. Product Manager

Top skills for this job: Agile Methodologies, Cross-functional Team Leadership, Product Strategy

5. Real Estate Agent

Top skills for this job: Working with First-Time Home Buyers, Residential Real Estate, Real Estate, Investment Properties

The Transportation, Healthcare and Retail sectors have the largest number of entry-level jobs. Here are the top entry-level opportunities in these sectors.

1. Transportation and Logistics

Top Jobs: Driver, Mover, Customer Service Specialist

2. Healthcare

Top Jobs: Licensed Practical Nurse, Speech Language Pathologist, Home Health Aide

3. Software and IT Services 

Top Jobs: Software Engineer, Developer, Project Manager, Data Engineer

4. Retail 

Top Jobs: Salesperson, Cashier, Shop Manager

5. Consumer Goods 

Top Jobs: Cook, Salesperson, Real Estate Specialist

How to land in-demand opportunities

Take advantage of these LinkedIn tools and resources in your job search to put your best foot forward.

Get skills employers are looking for. We analyzed millions of job postings across industries to pinpoint the top 5 skills for anyone starting their career. Make sure to list these on your LinkedIn Profile if you have them, or take the free LinkedIn Learning courses linked below to learn something new.

We’re also rolling out a video Cover Story feature on Profile where you can share more about yourself, your career goals and highlight soft skills; almost 80% of hiring managers believe video is important when vetting candidates.

  • Let recruiters and the LinkedIn community know you’re open to work. Turn on the #OpenToWork feature on your Profile to let recruiters or the broader LinkedIn community know you’re open to new opportunities. Members with an #OpenToWork photo frame are, on average, 40% more likely to receive InMails from recruiters. And, if you happen to be hiring, you can send a free message request to members with an #OpenToWork photo frame, even if you’re not connected. 

  • Build and engage your network. You’re 4X more likely to get hired through your network on LinkedIn, so investing in your professional relationships is key. Start by making sure you’re connected with people you know -- including friends, family and former professors -- who can speak to your work ethic and who you are as an individual. Then, share your experiences and ideas by posting on LinkedIn. It can be as simple as re-sharing a connection’s post with your takeaways, asking your network for job-seeking tips or sharing a news article relevant to the industry you want to enter. Include hashtags on your content to extend reach. 

  • Explore your career path. Career Coach is a new Microsoft Teams app which offers personalized insights to help you discover career options based on your goals, interests and skills. Also, check out LinkedIn’s Career Explorer tool which helps you find opportunities that match your skills and experience, suggests LinkedIn Learning courses to help you build the skills you may need, and connects you to open jobs. 

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