Ways to Get the Conversation Started With LinkedIn Messaging

May 20, 2021

LinkedIn Messaging is a useful tool for building your network, keeping in touch, and giving and getting help. It’s not surprising that member use is up by more than 20% over the past year.

But, are you using the messaging tools to full advantage? We’ve heard people are eager to start a conversation with people outside of their current connections. Beyond simply engaging with people on LinkedIn, within Groups and during events, LinkedIn’s messaging makes it easy to start a private conversation – both with connections you already have and when starting a new conversation with someone not in your network.

Here are some tips for starting those conversations:

You can message any of your 1st degree connections for free -- that applies to both 1:1 conversations and group conversations. Once you start a group chat, you can always add more people to whom you are directly connected. 

Want to reach out beyond those 1st degree connections? Here’s how:

  • Ask for an introduction to someone you’re not yet connected with -- ask one of your connections to kick off a group conversation between you and the person in their network with whom you’re interested in chatting. Because they hold a mutual connection, they can start a group message. 

  • Message a Premium member who has enabled Open Profile -- if you can see a Premium Profile Badge on someone’s profile, they may also have Open Profile turned on. If you are a Premium member and you want to be able to get messages from non-first degree connections, you can ensure this setting is on here

  • Subscribe to a premium or business solution -- with LinkedIn Premium, LinkedIn Recruiter, LinkedIn Sales Navigator, or LinkedIn Campaign Manager, you receive credits to directly message another LinkedIn member to whom you’re not yet connected.

Send a message request

We recently added a new tool to help you start a conversation and build a relationship with people who share a mutual interest or experience -- even if you aren’t yet connected. With message requests, you can reach out to any members who are:

  • Members of the same Group - follow-up privately with another group member who has shared something relatable or interesting in the community

  • Members attending the same Event - keep the conversation going with another member who was also actively participating during the event 

  • Co-workers at your current company - get a fresh perspective from a co-worker by privately sharing something interesting from your feed 

  • Members who have enabled #OpenToWork - reach out to a current jobseeker who is open to guidance or referrals during their job search

When you send a message request, the recipient will be notified, see the shared context, and can decide to either accept or privately decline. Pro tip: you’re more likely to get a response if you explain why you’re reaching out and what you hope to accomplish through the conversation.

Keep the conversation safe

To help safeguard member’s experience, all members can also manage the types of messages they receive from the Settings & Privacy page. These settings apply to InMail messages, Sponsored Messaging, and Open Profile messages. Members can also report any inappropriate or unsafe messages and block the sender. 

Whether you’re looking for career advice or interested in building relationships with more people who share your interests, messaging on LinkedIn can help you get the important conversations started!