Mythbusting the Feed: How the Algorithm Works

August 18, 2022

In this second part of our “Mythbusting the Feed” blog series we’ll answer the question “What shows up in my Feed, and why?”, show you how to tailor your Feed so that you don’t miss the conversations that matter to you, and address common myths and misconceptions around how the Feed works. 

If you missed it, make sure to check out our first post, on what types of conversations are welcomed on LinkedIn and what it means to be professional when sharing content on LinkedIn. 

Sabry Tozin, our VP of Engineering, expands on how the Feed algorithms work in the videos below:

What shows up in my Feed, and why?

Our Feed uses algorithms to learn about your interests and helps add engaging content to your Feed, in addition to recommending relevant jobs and people connections. These algorithms also filter out low-quality and unsafe content to ensure that what you see on your Feed adds value to your professional journey. 

How does the algorithm work?

To influence what you see on your Feed, we recommend you Follow people and companies you want to hear from, and engage with their content when it interests you. You can also subscribe to Newsletters and top voices in your industry to help you receive content relevant to your career.

How can I control what I see on the Feed?

Tell us what you want to see less of by clicking the three dots (...) on a post. This opens a toolbox of options available, including unfollowing or removing a connection with another member, reporting the post, or letting us know that you’re not interested in the author or topic by clicking “I don’t want to see this.”

How do I hide content that I don't want to see?

Some of the most widely read and distributed content are the posts that contribute ideas, insights, and inspiration, unlocking a world of knowledge, opportunities and collaboration. We’re continuing to work on ways to improve the content you experience on LinkedIn, surfacing authentic, relevant, and substantive conversations to help you grow as a professional.

Our team working on the Feed – a close collaboration of product managers, engineers, researchers, data scientists, and designers, among many others – constantly reviews, assesses, and updates the LinkedIn experience to help and empower our members to be more productive and successful in their professional journey. Stay tuned for the third and final installment of this series in the coming weeks, featuring Sabry and Imani Dunbar, our Head of Equity, who will expand on content distribution and how we work to address bias in our products.

We appreciate the incredible input we’ve heard from members so far, and look forward to additional questions and feedback that you may have about all things Feed.