Updates to our Professional Community Policies

May 20, 2022

Our Professional Community Policies - the rules of our community - continue to evolve to reflect our ever-changing world. Today we published an update that adds clarity on what they mean and how we apply them. As more members use LinkedIn to achieve more in their careers, we are committed to continuing to be transparent around how we keep LinkedIn safe, trusted and professional.

What’s new

One of our core values is that we put members first, which includes empowering our members to engage in professional discussions about topics they care about. We know how important it is for everyone to know what is and isn't allowed on LinkedIn, and what type of content to report so our teams can take action. As part of our updated policies, we’re publishing a set of expanded resources for members to better understand our policies and how we apply them, including detailed examples of content that isn’t allowed and how we handle account restrictions. While harassment, hate speech, and other abusive content has never been allowed on LinkedIn, we’ve added what types of comments and behaviors go against our Professional Community Policies. These resources can be explored under each policy under the "Learn more about" sections.

Building trust with our community

More people than ever are coming to LinkedIn to find opportunities, be more productive, and learn new skills. As our platform grows, we continue to invest in our policies, teams, and technology to ensure that members can safely participate on the platform. Member feedback is an important part of this effort. If you see something that you feel violates our policies, whether in profiles, posts, messages, or anywhere on LinkedIn, we ask you to report it to us so that we can carefully review it and take action. With your reports and our automated defenses, we can help protect you and the wider LinkedIn community from abusive content or experiences. We look forward to sharing additional updates on our work in the weeks and months to come.