Mythbusting the Feed: Helping our members better understand LinkedIn

May 25, 2022

Everyday, we see more and more people turn to their LinkedIn feed to participate in enriching conversations around the world of work, listen to diverse perspectives, and to be informed about what's happening across the world. Our teams are constantly working to help elevate relevant and productive conversations that add value to the member experience, foster a sense of belonging and community, and empower members to connect with confidence and clarity. 

A key piece of that work entails listening to our members to learn more about what they need and want from our platform. A resounding theme that we continue to hear is the desire for greater transparency and understanding of how the LinkedIn feed works. We’ve also received questions about the types of conversations that are welcomed on LinkedIn, how content is distributed on the platform, how our algorithms serve certain communities, and what we do to address bias.

Starting today and over the next several weeks, we’ll publish “Mythbusting the Feed”, a series of blog posts and on-platform content that will address these and other questions, aiming to provide greater insights into how our product works, and addressing common misconceptions and assumptions. Our ultimate goal is to be transparent with you on how we think about the feed, and how things work.

Our first two videos of the series expand on two questions, “What kind of conversations are welcomed on LinkedIn?” and “What does it mean to be professional when it comes to content on LinkedIn?” Check them out below!

Stay tuned for the second and third installments of this series in the coming weeks:

  • Mythbusting the Feed: How the Algorithm Works and Personalizing the Feed

  • Mythbusting the Feed: Content Distribution and How We Work to Address Bias

Lastly, we are always eager to hear from our members, so keep the questions and feedback coming. Make sure to also check out our other resources including our most recent posts on how we’re working to keep your feed relevant and productive, and what we mean when we say "professional".