Tips to turbocharge your career search

May 24, 2022

From recent graduates to job seekers looking to reenter the workforce after a career break, now is an ideal time to dive in.

In today’s Great Reshuffle, there’s no shortage of opportunities in the job market. A National Association of Colleges and Employers survey found that employers plan to hire almost 30% more new grads this year than in 2021. Additionally, many of these positions are remote or hybrid, making the open roles within reach for a greater number of applicants.

But even in this robust market, it can feel daunting to tackle applications and interviews, especially for those in the early stages of their career. When it comes to landing their first entry-level job, according to a recent survey we conducted earlier this year, 29% of Gen Z say they don’t know where to start.

Talking with others who have successfully navigated their own job hunt — be it friends, family, coaches, or teachers — can make the search easier. It can also help to check out the informational and inspirational career-related posts from LinkedIn members like Caitlyn Kumi. Caitlyn, a recent graduate and founder of fashion-lifestyle empowerment Miss EmpowHER, offers advice to women of all backgrounds.

LinkedIn’s 2022 Guide to Kickstarting Your Career is another beneficial tool. It’s filled with valuable insights, including which entry-level jobs, industries, and skills are most in-demand right now, as well as details on new tools and free resources that will help you get ahead.

In addition, here are some tips on how to best leverage LinkedIn to kickstart your career.

Put Together a Strong Profile

Many recruiters and potential employers will get their first impression of you when they check out your profile. You can use that to your advantage by fully showcasing your skills, education, and experience — and highlighting what makes you uniquely you.

Turn on the Open-To-Work feature, which puts a frame around your LinkedIn photo that says #OpenToWork or if you prefer you can also use it to quietly signal to recruiters only. 

Add a Profile video, which allows you to personally share more about you and what you’re looking for while showing so-called “soft skills” like verbal communication. Also input your pronouns, use the name pronunciation feature, and fill in your background section with a summary of your experiences, such as an internship, volunteer activity, or community leadership.

Jonathan Javier, CEO of training and coaching company Wonsulting, recently shared his top profile tips on LinkedIn. This included: “Make sure your LinkedIn is updated with relevant information tailored towards positions/industries you're interested in.”

Get Alerted to Opportunities

Here’s how to make your search more effective and efficient: Set up job alerts using key terms that describe your ideal position. In addition, you can add job flexibility preferences to your criteria, such as working hybrid or remote. Applying for a position within the first 10 minutes of receiving a notification of a new job posting increases your chances of hearing back by up to four times.

You can also follow and connect with fellow members who work at your dream companies to be alerted of any job postings they may share. The same is true for recruiters in your desired fields.

Build Your Network

A top tip: Network!

Connect and engage with high school classmates, college alumni, friends, neighbors, and others. They can be invaluable in helping you find job opportunities, mentors, and other professional resources.

It’s great to connect with people who work in your target industry with wanted roles, but don’t forget those who fall outside those areas. You never know what insights anyone may be able to provide or how you can assist each other in the long run. (If you’re looking for guidance on how to touch base with others, Jonathan shared the template he used for the messages he sent his connections each quarter.)

Networking helped Miss EmpowHER founder Caitlyn to find mentors, locate funding opportunities, and recruit top talent to grow her business. She writes, “Be genuinely interested in other people. It takes 1 minute to send a supportive message or share an opportunity that could help someone… If you have a conversation with someone and don’t click immediately, it’s okay. If someone doesn’t respond to your message, it’s okay. But sometimes people respond, and that new connection turns into a long term relationship that can have a profound impact on your life.”

All of this and more can also be found in our free Rock Your Profile LinkedIn Learning Course.

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Over the next few weeks, we’ll share more tips on topics like salary negotiation, networking, and showcasing your skills. We’ll also include real-life examples and outlines you can easily follow. We know that with the right support, you can land that ideal position and kickstart an amazing career. Go get ‘em!