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  • Give and Take: LinkedIn Speaker Series with Adam Grant

    July 29, 2014

    Being a giver resonates with a core part of who we are: we want to feel like we are generous and help others. LinkedIn Influencer Adam Grant’s latest research shows that nice guys finish first, but we all know that another contingent of nice guys also finish last. As I read Adam’s book, Give and Take, I assessed my own personality: am I a giver or a taker? Doesn...

  • LinkedIn Inspiration Index: These are the most inspired professionals in the world [SLIDESHOW]

    August 14, 2013

    On July 23, we launched the LinkedIn Inspiration Index to find out how inspired our members are. With nearly 100,000 responses so far, we’ve found some pretty amazing insights about professional inspiration. A few facts to whet your appetite: The older we get, the more inspired we are Men are more inspired than women Professionals in Mexico are the most inspired...