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  • Find Your Next Job by Quietly Signaling You’re Open to New Opportunities

    October 27, 2017

    One year ago, we introduced a feature called Open Candidates, which gives job seekers an easy way to quietly signal to recruiters that they’re open to new opportunities. This is a win-win for recruiters and job-seekers alike, as interested candidates get contacted for relevant opportunities and recruiters can search a pool of job seekers looking for a new...

  • Job Seekers, Know Your “In”

    December 15, 2015

    Good news job seekers, today we're introducing new insights on LinkedIn job postings to help you with your job search. We understand that listing a job’s requirements often isn’t enough, you also need to know: What connections (if any) do you have at the company? Does the company have a history of hiring people like you? Who will you work with if you get the job...