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    Four Ways to Grow Your Skills and Stand Out on LinkedIn

    July 28, 2020

    Investing in skills is key for both professional and personal growth -- whether that’s focusing on growing the necessary skills to stand out in the candidate pool for an open job, or learning something entirely new to prepare for a different role, industry or personal hobby. According to a recent survey, almost 50 percent of the U.S. workforce said advancing...

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    The Trending Skill You Didn’t Know You Needed

    May 20, 2020

    While curiosity may have led to some important moments in our careers, most of us do not necessarily think of it as a must-have skill. It’s time to think again. Curiosity, used strategically, can not only improve the way we work, it can also transform the way we think by allowing us to see creative solutions that may be missed by others, make wiser decisions and...

  • New weekly trending skills

    Weekly Trending Skill: Teamwork and Collaboration

    May 13, 2020

    During this continued surge in online learning, we’ve noticed an increase in people investing in core foundational skills that are highly transferable across industries, roles and levels. Our skill of the week, teamwork, is a great example of this. Not only are people spending a lot of time learning how to become better teammates, it’s also one of the top skills...

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    Weekly Trending Skill: Giving and Receiving Feedback

    May 6, 2020

    Online learning continues to surge globally with 3X the number of learners visiting LinkedIn Learning in April versus February. When...

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    Weekly Trending Skill: Finding Your Most Productive Self

    April 29, 2020

    With more than 1.85M hours of time spent on LinkedIn Learning in the second week of April (a more than 3X increase since the first...

  • Learning Insights

    Turning to Learning to Adapt to Our New Realities

    April 21, 2020

    As our social and professional norms shift, people are turning to learning to help them get through. In the first week of April,...