More Features Coming to the New LinkedIn Experience

April 11, 2017

A month ago, we rolled out our new LinkedIn desktop redesign to all our members, and we have heard from many of you about what you like about the new experience as well as how to make some of the new features even more valuable. We’re continuing to iterate and also bring new and improved features, so that you are getting the most out of the new redesigned experience.

Here are a few recently added updates based on your feedback, and new tools we believe will help you be even more productive:

  • Notifications: Now you can customize the types of notifications you receive based on what you find the most valuable - for example birthdays, work anniversaries, job changes and more.

  • Photo Filters: We’ve introduced an easy way to crop and enhance your profile picture.

  • Trending Storylines in your LinkedIn Feed:  With daily curated interest-based feeds you can quickly discover the most important developing stories in your industry. Check it out on your mobile homescreen under the Trending tab, or on desktop, it’s at the top right of the homepage.

  • Search fields: We added back search tools to help you more easily find the information you need, including Saved Searches, Boolean and text field search (such as first name, last name, company and school).

  • Profile Completion Meter: You can now discover what you need to do to strengthen your profile, and attract more opportunity.

  • Manage Comments: We’ve added the ability for you to directly manage the comments you have on your long form articles, with the option to disable or enable comments.

More to Come

We’re not done. We’re also planning to bring back some features that we heard you missed and we’ll continue to add new tools to help you make the most of what LinkedIn has to offer, including:  

  • Top vs. recent in the Feed: Giving you more choice over the way you consume content and stay informed with the ability to toggle between top and recent.

  • Expandable profiles: You’ll be able to more easily view details of a member’s profile, including information on past and present positions, Groups joined, and recommendations.

  • Publishing: We are going to make it easier for you to publish, and we plan to add even more insight into who shares and comments on your article, so you can understand if you’re engaging with the right audience.

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