Success Doesn’t Just Mean Having a Corner Office

June 18, 2018

Success – a word that can mean many different things to different people, especially when it comes to work. The challenge we face is that even today people are held back by the restraints of tradition, defining success by stereotypical notions of promotions, seniority and the corner office. The truth is, just like the constantly changing nature of work, our perceptions of professional success need to evolve too.

In fact, according to a YouGov survey we did last year, over a quarter of British people (29%) believe that traditional perceptions of success are outdated, and three quarters (76%) admit success means different things to different people. Despite people acknowledging these differences, we know from listening to our members that not everyone feels supported in the pursuit of their own version of success, particularly when it doesn’t follow the ‘traditional’ path up the corporate ladder.

Our ‘In It Together’ brand campaign, launching today in Europe, is all about addressing this, using real LinkedIn member stories to show that there are many different definitions of success and that people should feel confident and empowered to pursue whatever theirs is. Those living, working or visiting major cities in the UK, Germany and France will start to see these stories online, on outdoor billboards and even in some cinemas beginning today.

LinkedIn employees in these markets are being encouraged to share what they are ‘in it’ for, while our  editorial team will be encouraging members and influencers to do the same on the platform.

This latest campaign builds on last year’s ‘This is Success’ activation in London, Berlin and Munich, which began to discuss some of the alternative definitions of success in each country. It has also been inspired by a similar campaign which we launched in the US and Asia earlier in the year.

LinkedIn has an amazing community that we’re fortunate enough to see on a day-to-day basis, as we help each other to achieve success at work. But it’s important to understand that your idea of success isn’t necessarily the same as the person next to you – and that doesn’t make either of your goals more or less important.

We hope these inspiring stories show how powerful it can be to pursue your own path and the role that your professional and personal communities play in achieving this. Whatever gets you up in the morning, LinkedIn is a community of people here to support, help, inspire and push you towards your success.

I’m in it for the people. The teammates and colleagues who make coming to work each day rewarding and fun.

Whatever you’re in it for. We’re in it together.

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