Working Together to Help One Another

April 28, 2020

Connecting Talent to Opportunity

In the few weeks since we launched our commitment to help fill critical roles on the frontlines, we’ve received requests from nearly 2,000 organizations in 25 different countries to help fill 200,000 healthcare and essential services related positions, and we’ve seen 550,000 applications to these jobs from our members. Starting this week, we’re thrilled to share that Uber, SAP, Relativity, Okta and SmartRecruiters will begin supporting our Recruiting for Good program, using their own recruiters to source critical talent on the frontlines. 

While we are just getting started, we’re excited to see the initial impact of this initiative across global organizations, our members and peer companies. 

Strong global response to fill urgent hiring needs 

NHS Jobs, the official online recruitment service for the NHS in England and Wales, and Greater Paris University Hospitals, the largest university hospital center in Europe, are two of the organizations in the UK and Europe working with us to promote their critical Coronavirus roles on our platform to accelerate the recruitment of healthcare staff. Other organizations in the US, like Stanford Health Care, UCHealth and Common Spirit Health, who posted over 5,000 critical jobs to LinkedIn, are also using the power of our network to find talent fast.

Members are applying to critical roles at rapid rates

What’s even more remarkable is how our members are responding. In a recent survey, over two-thirds of LinkedIn members said they’re open to volunteering their time to support Coronavirus relief and they're 50% more likely to apply to an urgent job compared to a job that does not meet a critical hiring need. UnitedHealth Group is one example where the company saw nearly 150,000 job views and 35,000 applies to their jobs in just two weeks, showing the overwhelming commitment from our members to help during a time of need.

Recruiting for Good brings on new partners: Uber, SAP, Relativity, Okta and SmartRecruiters

Since we expanded our Recruiting for Good program a few weeks ago, we tapped into our own team of nearly 150 recruiters to source and screen talent for organizations on the frontlines, including over 700 hospitals globally. One of these organizations is Doctor On Demand, a telehealth provider looking to fill critical medical and behavioral health roles due to increased demand from patients. Within the first week of our partnership, LinkedIn recruiters helped fill ten urgent roles, including multiple PhD Psychologists. 

To help organizations get the word out about their urgent roles and accelerate their volunteer recruitment efforts, we're also providing healthcare organizations and disaster relief nonprofits free media tools. With these free media solutions, we helped the American Red Cross of Los Angeles find over 8,000 volunteer candidates in less than a week and Volunteer Surge, a nonprofit consortium, find nearly 5,000 volunteers for opportunities ranging from nursing assistants to telehealth. 

Supporting our communities and one another has never been more important, and the response that we’re seeing from our initiatives around the globe shows the collective impact we can make together. Thank you to our customers, members and partner organizations who are leading the way in coming together and helping fill critical jobs during this unprecedented time. If you are looking to volunteer, find a job or request help for an urgent hiring need, you can find all of the information here