Help People Get Vaccinated

February 17, 2021

Covid Vaccine

Ten months ago, we made a commitment to help fill critical healthcare and essential jobs on the frontlines of the Covid-19 pandemic. And within months, we supported filling over 330,000 of these jobs by delivering 4.8 million job applications from our members.

Over the past few weeks, we’ve heard a similar need from organizations and members who want to support vaccine response efforts. Organizations are in need of medical and non-medical volunteers and paid staff to speed the roll out of vaccinations and keep frontline healthcare workers free to support surging hospitalizations. We are in a position to help. 

That’s why starting today, we are using our platform to connect healthcare professionals to vaccination volunteer and paid support opportunities with a goal of helping to slow the spread of Covid-19. We’re starting in two key ways. 

First, healthcare organizations, pharmacies and governments that have hiring needs in direct support of vaccine distribution can post jobs for free on LinkedIn through May 15, 2021. These jobs include registered nurses, medical assistants and pharmacy technicians, among others. Members will discover these jobs through push notifications, real-time alerts, in the LinkedIn feed, and in job search. 

Second, we are offering free ads to select nonprofits and disaster response organizations that are recruiting at least one thousand volunteers to help distribute Covid-19 vaccines through June 30, 2021, including the California Volunteers, Office of the Governor and Team Rubicon. We are also providing free ads to organizations that will disseminate critical information on Covid-19 vaccines such as the UN Verified Initiative, World Health Organization and The Ad Council.

We are committed to connecting people with opportunity and these connections become even more important in times of crisis. We’re also continuing to keep our members safe and informed when it comes to trusted sources of vaccine news and information, and we are actively working to remove any misinformation about vaccines from our platform. 

We are proud to do our part to help accelerate the distribution of vaccines by connecting essential businesses that need to quickly find healthcare talent with people who have the right skills. If you are interested to find a role to support the vaccine rollout, you can discover opportunities here or if you are an organization with hiring needs, you can learn more about our free offers here.