Keeping your feed relevant and productive

May 5, 2022

Over the last two years, we’ve heard from so many of our members that conversations on LinkedIn have changed and are more vibrant with many of you sharing insights on breaking news, ideas for solving difficult professional challenges, inspirational stories or helping others in the community connect to incredible job opportunities.

To continue to help you have the most productive and engaging experience we’re making a number of investments. Here are a few: 

New controls to help you get the best feed experience

Last year, we shared a few new controls to help surface the conversations that matter to you. We’re building on those with several new features to continue creating a more personalized and relevant experience in your LinkedIn feed. 

  • More options for members to signal what they aren’t interested in: If you see content on your Feed that isn't relevant or interesting to you, let us know by choosing the “I don’t want to see this” option on the individual post. In fact, you can now click on the 3 dots of any post and let us know that you don’t want to see as much content from a certain creator/author, or a topic, or if you think the specific content might go against our Professional Community Policies. With this option, you can tell us that you aren’t interested in the content or you can report it to our team so we can take a closer look. Lastly, we’re testing new ways for how you can receive status updates on each individual report that you submit. These changes are inspired by your feedback, and we’re happy to see them go live. We’re always seeking to improve, so there’s more to come in feed controls! In the future, the more you use this, the more we learn your preferences and can tailor your experience.
  • Choose if you want to see less political content in your feed: We heard from some of you that you don’t want to see political content. To fix this, we’re testing a way to give you the option to reduce political content in your feed. While we’re only testing currently in the U.S., based on feedback we receive, we may further develop the feature and expand it to more regions and languages.
  • Political Content Feedback LinkedIn Feed

What you’ll see more of in your feed

Posts that spark conversations and engaging discussions are the posts that we heard you find especially helpful to your career growth and development. Here’s what we’re doing to make sure you see more of these types of conversations: 

  • Updates that matter from your network: Staying up to date on your network is a key part of the feed, but that doesn’t mean you need (or want!) to see all the activity from every single one of your connections. For example, you may not get a lot of value from seeing a connection’s comment on someone else’s post about a job change if you don’t know that other person. That’s why we’ll be showing you more targeted activity from your network, and where you’ll be more likely to join the conversation, too. 

  • News and insights from people you want to learn from: We’re hearing more and more that people who you care about or want to hear from are actually people outside your network who you don’t know personally. These are thought leaders, industry experts, and creators who are talking about things relevant to your career or everyday work. That’s why we’re creating more ways to follow people throughout the feed experience, and making sure you see conversations from those people who you have told us matter to you.
  • LinkedIn Feed Follow Experience

Keeping the feed authentic and useful 

We’re also addressing feedback about what you want to see less of your feed. Here are some of the updates:

  • Reducing low-quality content: We've seen a number of posts that expressly ask or encourage the community to engage with content via likes or reactions – posted with the exclusive intent of boosting reach on the platform. We’ve heard this type of content can be misleading and frustrating for some of you. We won’t be promoting this type of content and we encourage everyone in the community to focus on delivering reliable, credible and authentic content.

  • Keeping conversations safe: We work hard to keep the conversations and content on your feed safe and constructive to deliver the best possible experience for you. This includes taking action on content and profiles that violate our Professional Community Policies. We are continuously investing in the teams, tools, and technology to ensure that the content that you see on your feed adds value to your professional journey.   

  • Better filtering for polls: We’ve heard feedback that there are too many polls in the feed. We’re taking steps to be smarter and show you only those that are helpful and relevant. That means fewer polls from people you don’t know and more from those you’re more likely to engage with from your network. 

We look forward to sharing more updates on how we’re improving the content quality experience, so that you continue to have a safe, productive, and trusted experience whenever you come to LinkedIn. If you’re looking for more tips, check out this post, and stay tuned for more to come!