Be What You Must: Finding the Job Meant for You

November 11, 2019

We're in it together

For some, the search for a job is a search for a sense of purpose or passion. For others, it’s fueled by the drive to get to that next level or the desire to provide. Whatever the motivation, the job search is a common thread millions of professionals share. But how do we navigate the sometimes daunting process to find that great job -- that place where we feel we truly belong? 

With millions of open jobs and more than 660 million members, LinkedIn can help you connect with the community and the opportunities you’re looking for — uniquely aligned to your purpose and passion. Over the past several months, our In It Together campaign has captured real stories from real members who found jobs on LinkedIn, tailored to these factors that drive them. 

Some of these members and their stories are now a part of our latest campaign, where we took our creative approach a step further. We commissioned the incredibly talented singer and LinkedIn member Marieme Diop to compose and perform the ad’s anthem, “Be What You Must.” The song, originally written by Cat Stevens, beautifully captures the opportunity and meaning inherent in every career journey and having Marieme be the voice of this latest installment of the campaign brought our “real members, real stories” creative ethos full circle.

We also feature Zach Pasquariello, a Platoon Officer who wanted to transition out of the U.S. Army to be closer to family. Using LinkedIn, he found his next career move as an operations manager that was specifically seeking his leadership experience.

Additionally, In It Together has also expanded internationally, with new creative in the U.K. We asked LinkedIn members, “What are you searching for?” to show the array of motivations felt by professionals across those regions. From heartfelt to humorous, members shared their job search experiences and how that search led them to LinkedIn.

Finding a job should be about connecting with the force that drives you. By sharing the personal career journeys our members experience across the globe, we hope you, too, are inspired and empowered to explore the millions of jobs on LinkedIn and find one meant for you. Whatever you’re in it for, we’re in it together.